Improving Workplace Communication

At Epson, we aim, as individuals and organizations, to cooperate with one another as we pursue challenging objectives and to maintain a state of free and constructive communication.

To see where we are in meeting these objectives, we have been conducting employee surveys every year since 2005. The survey results are reported to the president and other top executives. Feedback is provided on the department level, and managers periodically review and analyze the state of their departments. They decide on measures to solve problems and issues with the goal of fostering a better culture and strengthening the organization. These measures are incorporated into action plans at the start of the new fiscal year.

These actions are carried out throughout the year, the results are checked in the next survey, and additional actions are taken to maintain the good and improve the bad.

Labor Union

Labor-management conferences are held regularly to facilitate communication between managers and employees at Seiko Epson. Informal discussions are also held on the division and department level to provide a venue for bidirectional communication between employees and managers. Management communicates its thoughts and wishes to employees as well as get direct feedback from them. Numerous committees, such as the working conditions committee, and the safety and health committee, also provide opportunities to work together and deepen mutual understanding.