Epson's CSR and SDGs

CSR Stakeholder Dialog 2018

Dialog with the Sustainable Management Forum of Japan

We meet with various stakeholders to help ensure that our CSR activities are aligned with the needs of society. In April 2018, we welcomed representatives from the Sustainable Management Forum (SMF) of Japan, a nonprofit organization, to Seiko Epson to teach us about what they look for, as members of a business sustainability evaluation committee, when evaluating sustainability based on prepared guidelines. Epson's CSR activities were also discussed based on the Epson Group's Integrated Report and Sustainability Report.

Discussions covered a wide variety of topics, with Epson explaining its current CSR activities and the SMF explaining recent business risks and opportunities related to SDGs.

The SMF recommended that we strengthen our efforts to instill our corporate philosophy and corporate culture throughout the global Epson Group and supply chain, make it a point to provide easy-to-understand information that is written for the target audience, and release useful, timely corporate information to ESG investors.

We will act on the SMF's recommendations to reinforce our CSR activities.

(From the left rear) The Sustainable Management Forum of Japan's Masuhiro Kinugawa, Nobuyuki Kimata, Kyoji Okamoto, Michihiko Suzuki, Harunaga Nakamura, and (in the front row) Seiko Epson employees