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Mid-Range Business Plan

The Epson 25 Corporate Vision is divided into three phases, and a mid-range business plan is established for each.

Under the Phase 2 Mid-Range Business Plan, Epson will take steps to respond as needed to environmental changes and to speed up execution in order to capitalize on the robust infrastructure put in place during Phase 1. Phase 2 is designated as a period for transforming business operations to achieve high profitability, putting Epson in a position to establish a high profit structure in Phase 3.

Steady revenue growth
*Index showing weighted average variance of rates for currencies other than USD and EUR against a benchmark of 100 in 2025

Basic Policies (FY2019-2021)

Continue to commit to the goals of Epson 25, and transform business operations to achieve high profitability by managing priorities in responding to social issues and environmental changes

Accelerate growth by taking maximum advantage of assets and through collaboration and open innovation

  • Strengthen solution selling business
  • Rapidly strengthen product lineups, including through collaboration
  • Strengthen external sales of core devices and open innovation
  • Invest management resources in robotics to accelerate its growth into a core business

Strengthen global sales company functions under Head Office control

  • Select and focus on priority business areas and regions
  • Improve the organization and allocate personnel to strengthen B2B solution selling
  • Strengthen company-wide integrated IT infrastructure

Invest management resources in a disciplined manner according to the economic environment and strategy effectiveness

  • Rebuild product portfolios based on priorities
  • Strengthen financial discipline

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